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I had so much fun at this wedding. It honestly was a dream.

The day started at Mary Clara and Travis's home, filled with art and mid century modern furniture.

The dress and Mary Clara wore was vintage and found at a thrift store 7 years prior! She saved it for her wedding and it was absolutely perfect with the vibe of the day.

And the matching veil!!

Her "getting ready" robes were the stuff of dreams.

There was singing and dancing long before the ceremony began.

Mary Clara got ready with her sisters Rose and Maggie, and they were all a joy to be around.

These reactions were priceless.

Speaking of reactions, this first look was the cutest.

You can so clearly see how much they adore each other!

They had to snap some shots with their cat H.W. and what a cute chunky baby!!

From the handmade flowers in her hair, to the vintage dress, Mary Clara's look was stellar for her wedding day.

Also, can we talk about this delicious color palette?

And the brides parents reaction was so precious.

Once everyone was ready, we headed over the the Kansas City Art Institute to take photos in Travis's former hangout spot when he went to college there.

That is one gorgeous bridal party!

Um, excuse me while I pass away.

After the art institute, we headed over to St. Theresa's Academy, Mary Clara's high school, to take photos with her old school friends.

At this point in the day, I realized when the sisters get together, I should expect shenanigans.

They had such a gorgeous backyard setup.

Bride and Grooms people carried animal sculptures and potted plants instead of the traditional bouquet.

How dreamy is this bridal table?