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“Will you travel?”

Yes! I love traveling and would love to join you. I ask that travel and accommodations are covered for any wedding more than an hour from my home base of Kansas City, Missouri.


“How many photos will I receive?”

For weddings you will receive no less than 500 images, but there is no cap on images. I want you to have as many as possible and most couples receive more than 500.


“How long will it take to get my images?”

Usually no longer than 2 weeks, but I will try and get them to you as soon as possible.


“What if I’m shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera?”

I know being in front of a camera can feel intimidating sometimes! That’s ok. I will do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible and give you direction on how to pose or move so that it feels like less pressure. Many shots that I get will be candid as well, so you just be you and enjoy yourself and I’ll do the rest!


“How many hours will you be at my wedding?”

You get 8 hours of coverage unless you talk to me about needing more.


“How long have you been photographing weddings”

While wedding photography hasn’t always been my full time job, I’ve been shooting weddings and assisting on weddings for over 10 years.



  • If you can, save an invitation, rsvp card, and any other literature you created for your day and have it ready to be photographed the day of.

  • Consider light in your timeline. It is usually better to take bridal photos later in the day if possible for the best result in your images.

  • If time allows, create a list of all of the family images/combinations of people you want taken and have it with you the day of so that we don’t miss anything.

  • Do you have any special trinkets like something borrowed, something blue? Have those set aside at the start of the day so I can photograph them before you put them on.

  • If you do not have a wedding coordinator, choose one person, maybe your Maid of Honor, to relay messages to me if you’re busy. This puts less stress on you and allows you to enjoy your day more thoroughly.

  • If you can, create a list of all of your vendors so that I can properly credit them in any of my photos.

  • If you have questions on locations for photos or when is the best time for certain photos, feel free to use me as a resource!

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