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There are certain wedding ceremonies that you just know as you're shooting them, they will stick with you forever. This is one of them.

Their outfits were perfect.

But their kids outfits were even cooler.

Instead of making their guests wait to see them until the ceremony, Kyle and Tim greeted their guests as they arrived, which created such special moments prior to the ceremony and added extra electricity and warmth to the rest of the evening.

Instead of petals being tossed, individual flowers were given out to guests down the aisle.

They met each other in the middle with their wedding party.

They asked their guests to exchange a high five with a neighbor and it was such a fun moment.

Before Kyle read his vows to Tim, he read vow to the kids and asked permission to be their step father, which had me in tears immediately.

Their vows to each other were so touching.

And Tim made sure to keep part of his vows a secret from everyone else.

Kyle couldn't be happier putting on that ring!

And then they were married!

And they had to high five that, of course!


And I mean absolutely sobbing on my keyboard.

Thank you so much to Kyle and Tim for trusting me with such an important day. I had such a wonderful time and y'all's love just seeped into every moment of the day.

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