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Chris and Jenna's wedding was scheduled just after covid hit. Oh, how I feel for my covid brides! They did get to have a small ceremony at the Vox Theater in Kansas City (which I'll do a separate post for that!), but she wanted a bridal shoot as well.

When Jenna decided to edit down her ceremony to just her parents and a few family members, she had planned on having a larger reception down the road, so she chose not to wear the dress she had purchased until the large reception. But then...of course covid kicked us while we were down again and her second wedding wasn't able to happen either. But her dress was GORGEOUS, and we had to document it. So we decided to do a bridal shoot in different locations around Kansas City, so she at least had a chance to wear it.

His reaction was so cute.

Chris and Jenna are one of the silliest couples I know, so I knew they would appreciate having ALL the images, including the funny ones.

The back of this dress was to die for.

Loved this moment when Jenna's niece hid under her dress while they were bustling it.

These cuffs were really special. Jenna ordered them for Chris, each cuff has an image of one of their cats, Newt and Stella, who had passed away before this shoot.

Their favorite movie is Jurassic Park so they had to throw in some dinosaur related content.

And I had to throw in one BTS image of Jenna's niece chasing me around!

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